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Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd., a national-designated phosgene production enterprise and new high-tech enterprise, was founded in 2009, having a registered capital of $39 million, covering an area of 35 hectares, with 750 employees and $180 million total investment. Changlong has a wide range of products, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, and is engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of technical grade pesticides and intermediates. With the country's leading production scale and technical strength, its sales network spreads all over the world and its annual sales revenue reaches $300 million.

Changlong implemented asset optimization and reorganization on July 15, 2013, becoming one of the subsidiaries of Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. It brings the extension of Noposion’s industrial chain...

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